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You can’t be CEO without a securely built business.

It’s time to transition from operator to owner. 

Erica DiAngelo

“I use IP strategies to help brands establish long term monetization plans aligned with their vision”.

Benefits of Intellectual Property

Time to build real wealth. Not dabbling, not side hustling. Not living under your potential. You are destined for bigger, better things. You are already amazing, but there is a way to break that time for money exchange ceiling. It’s called intellectual property. You need to protect it and leverage it because that is your greatest asset. It is your knowledge, your creation, your work that is worth thousands, or millions to other people. It is time to share, but this time in a way that will build you wealth.


Think of this like insurance.


The answer to making more money when you only have a certain amount of time. 

Most of the time, the way you create additional revenue is leveraging your already existing intellectual property and staying in your zone of genius. Brandsition helps you identify what is ready to be leveraged and how to leverage it to bring your brand to the next level of impact and monetization. 

What We Discuss in Our Brandsition VIP Package

(Valuable Intellectual Property)

Including names, trademarks, manuals, courses, content, contracts protecting secrets, methodologies, licenses/ing, teaching

About me

Hi, I'm Erica DiAngelo,
Trademark Attorney & Creative Entrepreneur

Although it isn’t common, it is possible to be a legal nerd and a creative entrepreneur at the same time. Supporting small businesses and encouraging others to use their gifts and talents to pursue their passions and be the best version of themselves is what drives me to do what I do.

That’s why I began using my legal knowledge and skillset to focus on protecting business owners, avoiding costly legal battles, laying foundations for growth, and being an advocate to all kinds of entrepreneurs who are focusing on their passions and on the advancement of innovation.


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Happy clients

Such a comfortable attorney experience! Erica is easy to work with and very knowledgeable about business law and how to best protect businesses and prepare them for success.

Michael Gonzales

Erica is an incredible attorney who can navigate entrepreneurs with the best knowledge, experience and professionalism. If you know someone who is going to start a business or is already in the process, they need to speak to Erica. One conversation today could save you thousands of hours of headaches and dollars later!

Josh Comingore